Autonomous Navigation and Perception Lab (ANPL)

The Autonomous Navigation and Perception Laboratory (ANPL) investigates problems related to single and multi-robot collaborative autonomous navigation and perception, with a particular focus on online, accurate and reliable operation in uncertain and unknown environments. Research in the lab is highly multidisciplinary, involving topics such as probabilistic and semantic robust perception, planning under uncertainty and active sensing in partially observable settings (POMDP), data-driven and machine (deep) learning based perception and autonomous navigation, multi-sensor state estimation and mapping (e.g. SLAM and vision-aided navigation), both for single and distributed multi-robot autonomous systems. ANPL’s interdisciplinary research group comprises staff and graduate and undergraduate students from different departments, including Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and the Technion’s Autonomous System Program (TASP). Highly-motivated individuals interested in joining ANPL are always welcome to get in touch.